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Professional Learning that Empowers the IndividualWednesday, November 4, 20159:00 AM - 3:30 PM
An ECOO 2015 Event: see complete conference info

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What is ‘Minds On Media’?Imagine a room full of teachers who are skilled in using new technologies for learning and teaching.
What could you learn from them?

Join Brenda Sherry & Peter Skillen as they host this fabulous event for the Bring IT, Together 2015 conference. Minds On Media is a day-long BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop with a variety of learning centres focusing on inquiry, tinkering and deep learning through a Knowledge Building lens. Knowledge Building involves ‘tinquiry’ (tinkering + inquiry), collaboration, conversation and making thinking visible to advance collective understanding of all participants.

What Will You Learn?

That is up to you! Visit one of the centres or visit them all! You might be an absolute beginner or a whiz with technology—but this is about using new technologies with students through a 'tinkering' lens. You choose your ‘entry point’. Build your own plan for the day or be led by one of our facilitators or pedagogistas.

Minds On Media Structure
  • Welcome & Intro
  • Peter & Brenda to speak to the rationale of the day
  • Description of the event
  • Activity and natural free-flow among centres & Interaction with Pedagogistas
  • Summary

We want to emphasize the 'bricolage' nature...the ability to 'tinker' choose... to learn in the way that suits.

What Minds On Media Centres are at 'Bringing IT, Together' this year?

Center Title
Please enter the name of your centre in your row below.
Peter Skillen
Brenda Sherry
Minds On Media Organizers
Going Green
Colleen Rose

Northern Art Teacher
Katina Papulkas Tina Ginglo

Martha & Dustin Jez
Fair Chance Learning
HyperDuino:Mr. Frog and Other Tinkerings
Jaclyn Calder & Amy Szerminska
Simcoe CountyDSB
Gone Google -- Google Apps in the "Classroom"
Kendra Spira
Upper Grand District School Board

Programming with Scratch
Lisa Rubini-LaForest

Kirsten Elevestad & Urs Bill
Ministry of Education

Digital Citizenship
Joe Sisco
eLearning Interactives: Student Learning
Karen Beutler
Ministry of Education

eLearning Interactives: Professional Learning
Bea Meglio
Ministry of Education

Twitter for Educators
Donna Fry
Ministry of Education


Learning/Teaching Style

Each centre will provide for all types of learners by providing all modalities possible. For example, the
presenter will have on hand any number of small demos, self-guided tutorials/activities, be able to work one
on one with the learner's needs and desires, be comfortable with the ebb and flow of people from centre to
centre or manage the same individuals all day.