HyperDuino and HyperStudio, Mr. Frog and 3Doodler

Connecting the physical world with digital media


Amy Szerminska: @szwildcat, about.me/amy.szerminska
Jaclyn Calder: @jaccalder, http://teachercalder.ca

Check out this page for an overview video and examples of what Hyperduino and HyperStudio can do:

Interactive Makerspaces (there are two videos on this page to watch):

Hyperduino set up tutorials:
Quick Start Guide: http://rogerwagner.com/hyperduino/HyperDuino%20Quick%20Start%20Guide.pdf
Tutorial: http://hyperduino.com/hyperduino-setup-tutorial.html

Go to this site to download a copy of Hyperstudio. The program will work for 45 days.

Google Hangout

Here is a recording of the Google Hangout with Roger Wagner (creator of Hyperduino) at BIT15 today.

Hyperstudio and Hyperduino Examples from Minds on Media

Mr Frog

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.51.36 AM.png

The Heart and Blood Flow

This is the hyperstudio stack from this project (would LOVE to see someone make a better 3-dimenional heart model to go with it).


In this tweet, Donna is showing us playing with a 3Doodler-created map of canada. We've added LED lights throughout it and started creating a stack with participants about the provinces.
The 3Doodler is a great way to make 3D objects free-hand (opposed to 3D printing).
Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.23.29 AM.png

Neuron Fun

We 3D printed the neuron from this THINGIVERSE user and person (follow link).
It is designed to have a very thin layer in the cell body. We put an LED in there and hooked it up to the Hyperduoino. Our next steps

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