1. Go to the TeachOntario main page

Register for TeachOntario (top right corner of home page) and remember to check your board email to activate your account.

Guiding Question: How can an online community of educators support and improve student learning?

Minds On

A community of practice is a collection of people who interact with each other around a common interest. In Ontario we have over 100 000 teachers, both elementary and secondary, who are focused on student learning. In our ever-changing digital world, now more than ever it's important to work together to offer guidance and support to our kids. Through TeachOntario, educators across the province can connect for the benefit of Ontario students.
TeachOntario is an online platform to support sharing, collaboration and knowledge exchange amongst educators across Ontario. TeachOntario was created by TVO, in partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), its Affiliates
and the Ministry of Education (EDU), and in consultation with teachers from a variety of districts across the province. Created for Ontario’s teachers, by Ontario’s teachers, TeachOntario serves and celebrates educators throughout the province.

Ontario educators with a Board of Education email address can register and log in to follow other educators, write blog posts, upload videos and artifacts from the classroom, and start an online community based on subject matter, grade or interest.

Action: Part I

Complete the following activities according to your interest and readiness:

TeachOntario consists of three spaces:

Explore is a publicly-accessible space offering curated Ministry of Education resources, an extensive collection of digital resources and best practice profiles celebrating exemplary teaching and learning for the broader benefit of Ontario students.
1. Click on TeachOntario Talks and find a talk celebrating exemplary teaching that might resonate with you and/or your staff. Comment on your learning at the end of the piece.

2. Click on TVO Digital Resources. Which resources might support student learning in your classroom or learning environment?

3. Click on the TeachOntario eBook. View the eBook and see how communities of practice and collaboration bring learning to the forefront.

Share is a space only accessible to Ontario’s educators. It has teacher-initiated groups where educators share knowledge and resources focused on learning.


1. Join the BIT group and participate in the activities.
(Start from the bottom of the page)
2. Join a group of interest and add your thoughts.

3. Follow a discussion that arouses your curiosity.

4. Create your own group to support your learning.

Create is also a space only accessible to Ontario’s educators. This space is for informal and formal collaborative and participatory online project development.

1. Explore some of the TLLP projects and join or follow their learning journey.


2. Explore some of the PKE projects and see where you can contribute.

Action Part II - Powered by TVOPowered_by_TVO_285x107.jpg

TVO was created in 1970 as the technological extension of the public education system. Yet what started out solely as a TV station, is today a digital media mecca providing multi-screen experiences designed for learning today.

TVO has a ladder of support to serve both the pre K-12 educational community, and for teachers themselves.
Explore and Play mPower
Check out gamified math learning for Ontario's kindergarten students.
Click here
to explore mPower and participate in a variety of activities .

Homework Help is a free online math resource with live tutoring for
students in Grades 7 – 10 and includes tools for teachers to use to support teaching
Click here to learn more and participate in a number of learning activities.

TVOKids.com is an online resource for kids
that includes games, apps, and interactive activities.
Click here to
learn more about it!

Independent Learning Centre – Explore Ontario’s largest high school, which offers
over 152 online credit courses in English and French, covering all pathways.
Click here to learn more about online learning.

General Education Development tests – TVO is the exclusive provider
of GED in Ontario, for adults to complete high-school equivalency.
Click here to find out more.


Consolidate your experience on TeachOntario in the BIT15 ECOO Group folder


Reflecting on this TeachOntario session, answer the questions below with three ideas for the first question, two with the second question and one with the final question. Feel free to write in complete sentences or point form.

In the TeachOntario platform...

#3. What are three topics related to education that you would like to explore?


#2. What are two ways you could share your own learning, pedagogy or teaching practices?


#1. How can an online community of educators support and improve student learning?